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I’m Toni, but you can call me Batman. 
Jake, 15, gay, single, bradenton/sarasotaa :)
Brandie. Bisexual. Florida. 18. Awesome.Follow me cause I follow back. :) 
Luna. Kind of awkward and geeky. 17. Single.
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Get to know me :D
Hey, I’m Daniel. I live in South Florida. :D
Hi! I’m Michelle, but you can call me Chelly. I’m a total geek who loves science, video games, cartoons, and ponies. 16, South FL, Lesbro c: ♥
Bridgette. 17. Lesbian. I’m in love with ocean.I’m a tad bit insane, but it’s alright with me.  Click through for me (:
I’m a Gleek, feminist, Harry Potter addict, current events follower, ranter, and personal blogger. Talk to me! :3
Oh, and I love cats. me, I follow back and promote if you are adorable and/or you’re awesome blogger,Jacob/Jake, 15, Gay, Male… Bradenton, FL of courseee ;D HMUUU :3 and if you are in the closet and I know you… please talk to me, I can and will help you and keep your secret <3
Halie. 16. Lesbian(: Tampa. I follow back(:
Olivia. 18. Starbucks Barista. Student. Proud lesbian. follow me?